The Storyteller

Gentry Lee Burke is the mother of four perfect children, two of whom have autism. What time she doesn’t spend advocating for her children (otherwise read as harassing the bejeezus out of bureaucrats who stand in the way of their welfare for a paycheck), she spends telling stories she can only describe as fractured loved stories. It’s no coincidence that persons with autism and other developmental eccentricities often populate the pages of her books. Write what you know and all that.

Gentry Lee is obsessed with mermaids, Sanibel/Captiva, and muscle bound pool boys. Lord, she hopes that man her momma told her not to marry isn’t reading. Or maybe she hopes he is. It would serve the low down philandering scoundrel right. Is it any wonder that her status as a scorned belle pretty much tinges every word that spills from her keyboard? She thinks not.